Here’s Why Raccoons Are Truly The Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy is still smashing box offices wide open over a month after its release. A lot of the success can be attributed to Chris Pratt’s adorable little co-star, Rocket the Raccoon. Even though the film is rated PG-13, many parents allowed their young kids to watch the movie because the idea of seeing a raccoon driving a spaceship had them literally foaming from the mouth (like rabid raccoons).

At least all of this obsession is for good reason. Raccoons are awesome! They are cute, sure, but also very weirdly expressive for animals. Below are some reasons why raccoons have transfixed America’s youth and for that reason have made Disney a gold mine in tickets and merchandising.

1.) Much like Rocket, raccoons are known gear heads.

2.) Raccoons can also be very tender at times.

3.) How did this even happen, dude?

4.) This raccoon could probably find better friends.

5.) That’s more like it!

6.) Raccoons are excellent square dancing partners.

7.) This raccoon is real smooth with the ladies.

8.) Nah go ahead and text while driving, your co-pilot Rocket will take the wheel.

9.) These guys were either going through your trash or planning your surprise party.

10.) This raccoon is teaching everyone some hygiene basics.

11.) These raccoons are saying their prayers before bed.

12.) Num, num, num.

13.) “Hey buddy…heyyyy.”

14.) Even when raccoons fail, they win.

15.) “What do you mean I can’t come inside??”

16.) Just some buddies watching the game.

17.) You’ve just made this raccoon the happiest raccoon on earth.

18.) This raccoon appears to be on shrooms and believes the sprinkler to be some sort of harp.

19.) Raccoons sometimes need some time to think deep thoughts. I feel like this guy needs an ashtray.

20.) Because of their natural color, raccoons look real good in tuxes.

Sure, raccoons go through your garbage and can be a bit of a menace… but more people need to give these little guys love (from a distance). It should be noted that most raccoons are wild animals and aren’t as civilized as Rocket the Raccoon (although Rocket is also a intergalactic bounty hunter with a drinking problem, so maybe don’t pet him right away either). But man, they are charismatic little dudes aren’t they?

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