This Spa In Japan Lets You Soak Away Your Woes In Wine And Sake Baths.

Life is stressful. It just is. We all need a break and chance to unwind the tension every now and then, and we just found the perfect place to book your next spa day. (You might also need a plane ticket.)

In Hakone, Japan, you can melt your tension away at Yunessun Spa Resort where they specialize in an array of unique bathing options… Especially if you’re a wine lover who has ever wondered what it would be like to swim around in a nice red.


The idea is that the resveratol in the wine protects the skin from environmental damage.

Guests are able to enjoy a glass or two while soaking up the anti-oxidant bath.

Fresh red wine is poured into the pool on a daily basis.

Their website cites the fact that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt apparently loved to regularly partake in the ritual back in her day.

The spa also offers other unusual beverage-based baths, such as this vibrant green tea pool.

The antioxidants at work in this pool are called catechins and are believed to protect cells, keeping skin younger looking.

If you need more pep, you could try the fresh brewed coffee bath which is said to help with skin-puffiness and cellulite.

Another popular option is the saké bath. The rice wine is full of kojic acids which are said to decrease the appearance of age and sun spots.

For those looking for non-edible bath options, they can look into the Dead Sea Salt pool which gives the bather a nice, relaxing buoyancy.

But if a regular (and still amazing) water experience is what you’re after, you can check out their ode to ancient Greece at their pool known as The God’s Aegean Sea.

They also offer a very tempting chocolate bath. I wonder if you can combine that with the wine… You can check out their website for more information.

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