Here Are Some Facts About Global Spending And Money You Didn’t Know Before.

If you ask any of your finance buddies to explain the economy, you’ll likely pass out from sheer boredom. It’s as if they want to make managing the world’s money sound more intellectual than it is. They’ll throw around terms like “long-run average total cost” and “hedonic regression analysis” to confuse you.

We’re here to help. These are the best facts about the global economy that finance people will never tell you. Honestly, these are WAY more interesting and easy to understand than anything shared by your friend at an investment firm.

1.) Greeks keep Marlboro afloat.

2.) Those Christmas lists actually DO get longer each year.

3.) And yet everyone says they hate the French…

4.) I’m surprised they don’t make this a law.

5.) Wait, I need to think this through.

6.) We should all invest in Florida real estate RIGHT NOW!

7.) Go ahead. You can look up what a tonne is.

8.) ‘Murica!

9.) Slackers. Saving their sleepy butts in WWI and WWII.

10.) I hope you never drive in Qatar.

11.) Whoa.

12.) Portlandia, you’ve been beaten.

13.) That’s because it’s too cold to ever leave the house.

14.) And they said America was a sleeping giant.

15.) We have the biggest economy, so I’d HOPE so.

16.) Ugh, is it getting warm in here?

17.) Seriously, how in the world is this quantified?

18.) Free gas! (or not…)

19.) And yet they still dwarf us in population.

(via Izismile)

The next time you’re with your boastful finance friend, drop one of these facts on them. They’ll be impressed and a little scared to condescend someone in the know.

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