This Photographer Captured Perfect Proposal Pictures and You Won’t Believe How.

What would you do for the perfect proposal picture of you and your fiancé?

You would have to be secretive, sneaky and exact to make sure that the imminent proposal isn’t revealed before the big moment. This takes some creativity and a lot of planning. Photographer Chance Faulkner went to great lengths in order to get the perfect pictures of a couple, Adam and Bailey, during the moment of Adam’s proposal to Bailey. As you can see below, Chance and Adam’s carefully made plans totally paid off. 

It was a beautiful fall day, and Adam had made the decision to pop the question to his girlfriend, Bailey.

These are the kind of pictures couples dream of, but it’s hard to get the perfect shot in this kind of situation and keep the element of surprise fully intact.

But Adam and photographer Chance Faulkner had a plan to get wonderful shots like the one below.

After he had proposed to Bailey, and after she had been surprised in the best way, Adam revealed that there was someone getting pictures of this magical moment. Bailey was surprised and obviously very happy.

Photographer Chance Faulkner had disguised himself and his camera using a trashcan. Bailey had no idea and the pictures Chance took are amazing!

Here, the photographer becomes the subject.

Bailey was ecstatic that Adam had gone through the effort to capture this joyful moment in their lives.


It’s obvious that Chance Faulkner is more than willing to go above and beyond for his clients. Just as obvious is the love Bailey and Adam have for each other, which was perfectly captured in these photographs. Check out his online portfolio by visiting his website.

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