This Isn’t A Snake, But You Will Certainly Wish It Was. Ewww.

Don’t worry, what you’ll see below isn’t a snake, it’s just a bunch of fungus gnat larvae working together as one, two-headed beast that quickly travels the ground in serpentine squiggles. …wait a second, that’s so much worse. Sure, a snake could bite you, but at least it’s name isn’t “fungus gnat.”

As disgusting as what these gnats do to get around is, it’s equally impressive. My family would always take forever to get where we we needed to be and we had a car. You’ve got to see these fungus gnat larvae in action. You probably won’t be buying a bunch to replace your bicycle any time soon, but you will certainly be impressed. 

Fungus Gnat Larvae Crossing The Sidewalk

Traveling Across Some Sort Of Table

A Nice Little Family Hike

(via Sploid)

They’re kind of cute, in a “I hope I never actually see them” kind of way. If I did happen to see them, I would probably forget all of nature’s glory and run in the opposite direction.

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