11 Times Baristas Didn’t Even TRY To Get The Customer’s Name Right

It happens to all of us. You’re in a crowded Starbucks and you hear what sounds like your name being called, or maybe it’s your order. You excitedly go up to the counter to pick up your drink. But before you’re able to enjoy your delicious caffeinated beverage, you notice that your name is spelled wrong on the cup. Sometimes it’s just a slight misspelling, but other times the misspelling is so egregious you can’t help think it might’ve been on purpose.

Let’s hope that these misspellings were just an honest mistake.

1.) Stacy – Okay this one’s pretty close. But still pretty bad.

2.) Craig – I can’t but read this as “Creeg,”which sounds like the name of a cave troll.

3.) Alison – I guess “Allerson” sounds kind of like “Alison” but with an accent. I’m grasping for straws here.

4.) Christian – Hey maybe the barista thought the guys full name was “Kris Chin.” You never know.

5.) Maureen – hopefully whoever got this cup took a deep breath and realized that what could be seen as an insult, is really just the result of misspelling and bad handwriting. No need to start something.

6.) Ian – Come on, this is just ridiculous.

7.) Hillary – this is one of the close ones, but still blameworthy.

8.) Annie – …or maybe they were just giving the coffee away?

9.) Brooke – Why, yes! Buying Starbucks every day will make you broke!

10.) Nadine – Third…nope, fourth times a charm.

11.) Oliver – I can only imagine being handed a cup of coffee with the words “All Over” written on it and the existential crisis it would induce.

(via: twentytwowords.com)

At the end of the day, I’d rather have a barista that knows how to make a good cappuccino than knows how to spell my name.

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