Workers Come To The Rescue Of These Adorable Kittens Stuck In A Storm Drain.

Residents of South Bend, Indiana, noticed a peculiar sound coming from their storm drain early one morning. The cries of two small kittens were enough to wake the suburbanites at 3:00 am. Concerned citizens in the area made several calls to the South Bend Animal Care and Control, Code Enforcement, as well as the Bureau of Sewers and Waste Water. Representatives from each department arrived on the scene as the sun rose to rescue the cute kitties. Workers used a fishing net and even climbed into the drain to bring them to safety.

The first little guy was pretty easy to nab.

They named him Stormy.

His brother was a bit trickier, taking nearly an hour to get a hold of in the drain. He was named Jared, after his rescuer, Jared Reed.

You can watch the whole emotional event in this video: 

(via The Dodo.)

Reed, an employee of the Waste Water Department, told local news that he had been in the manholes many times before, but this was his first time going in for kittens.  The fluffy brothers are currently receiving care at the South Bend Animal Care and Control and should be up for adoption soon.

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