This Girl Turned A Bucket Of Paper Mache Into A Masterpiece.

Reddit user Brittani Austin created an amazing sculpture that she calls “Serpent of the Self.” This week she shared pictures of her creation on the website’s art subreddit, and they are truly spectacular. What she used to create this epic piece of art can be found in any 1st grade classroom.

She used paper mache. Paper, fabric, wire, and some rock hard water putty are what’s in her spectacularly unique work of art. Just wait until you see the finished product. Wow.

Where it all started…

Carefully, she created the dragon’s body using wire frames and putty.

Wow. Who can be this detailed with such a material?

I wouldn’t be able to draw this, let alone create it from scratch.

What the…

The finished product. (WOW.)

(Via: Reddit)

The “Serpent of the Self” is currently entered in the Akron Art Prize. If you liked what you saw, make sure to click here to vote for it in the competition. 

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