This Genius Blog Shows How Old Paintings Might Have Looked Taking Selfies.

Selfies were a bit harder to come by back in the days of oil painted portraits, so this blogger decided to get creative. During a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, art director Olivia Muus put a new spin on some old faces with one simple trick…

Back in the day, people could just take selfies. They had to paint their own. Thankfully, Olivia is helping them out.

Muus explains on the blog that she enjoyed how much this simple addition could change the interpretation of the classic faces.

Using a friend to stand in as the “right hand” she gives the portraits a whole new meaning.

Admit it, they look exactly like you and your friends on Instagram.

He just had to show off how dashing he looked today.

(via Bored Panda.)

You can find more of her silly selfies on her blog and even submit some of your own snapshots. Just make sure the museum you’re at allows photography.

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