This Father Did Something Awesome for His Infant Son in the Hospital.

New father Eric Hart’s newborn son had to spend Halloween in the hospital due to health complications. Due to this setback, Hart decided he was going to makes sure his son had a costume to show how brave the little guy really is. Hart showed his love for his son and his art skills when he made his son a superhero costume from scratch. Check out the costume below. 

Here is Eric Hart’s newborn son, who was in the hospital since he was born.

Eric Hart wanted to show that his newborn was a superhero, so it made sense to dress him up like one.

He found designs to use for this mask online.

It took a steady hand and some arts and crafts skills to get this project off the ground.

As you can see, this dad’s hard work paid off.

His newborn son looks like a real mini-superhero after getting dressed up in the costume.

Here is Eric Hart’s video about this awesome idea:



This is such a wonderful thing that this father did. Here’s hoping that his son will be in good health, out of the hospital, and home safe very soon.

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