One More Reason To Never Go To McDonald’s Again. I’m Never Drinking Coffee After This.

McDonald’s is a breakfast staple throughout the world. The fast food chain is the first stop in the morning for millions of people every day, but I have a feeling this guy from Canada might start a new routine.

Ron Morais from Fredricton found a particularly nasty surprise waiting for him at the bottom of his coffee cup. Just when you thought there wasn’t anything they could do to ruin coffee…

After drinking nearly the entire cup of joe, Morais noticed something unusual floating at the bottom.


Yep, that’s a dead mouse.


(via Metro.)

Morais said he always takes the lid off to get every last drop, but something tells me he might be off the caffeinated beverage for life. His coworkers say they wouldn’t have believed him if they hadn’t watched him down the entire drink themselves. Morais wasn’t in too bad spirits following the unfortunate incident, saying, “I’m in better shape than the mouse.”

McDonald’s representatives investigated the branch, but claim to have found “no evidence of pest” on the premises. I think this serves as pretty good evidence, no?

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