What One Actor Did For This Man With Cancer Is So Sweet.

Brad Joyner has cancer, but you wouldn’t know it judging from the awesome pictures on his Facebook. 

Brad’s whole world changed when he was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. He went from graduating high school to fighting a daily, agonizing battle with cancer.

As a way of keeping focused on living a normal, fulfilling life, Brad’s family encouraged him to create what they called a “Living List.” It was a list of all the things and experiences Brad would like to have in his life, regardless of how much time he has left.

Right at the top were these three things: swim with sharks, drive a 1967 Shelby Mustang, and meet Bryan Cranston, the star of Brad’s favorite show, Breaking Bad

Brad was able to fulfill all three of his wishes, and it was as amazing as you think. 

Here is Brad at his high school graduation in 2013.

First, Brad went swimming with sharks. Here he is with his family getting ready for the swim.

Hanging out on the boat.

Here he is swimming with sharks. Below him there are three tiger sharks.

Brad got his chance to drive a 1967 Shelby Mustang with the help of some passionate classic car collectors.

Brad didn’t think the last thing would happen. Why would Bryan Cranston ever want to hang out with him? He was very wrong.

Here is Brad finding out that he’s going to meet Bryan Cranston. 

Brad’s mother managed to get in touch with Bryan Cranston after word of Brad’s situation and his love for the actor made its way around the internet.

Someone started tweeting about Brad’s situation with the hashtag #BreakingBrad and eventually Cranston took notice.

The two got to meet and chat online for half an hour.

 Here is a video excerpt from their conversation

To top it off, Cranston arranged for an ice cream truck to visit Brad’s neighborhood for a family and friends ice cream gathering.

Now it’s back to battling for Brad, who won’t give up.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

(Via: 22 Words)

This one brought a tear to my eye and hit a bit too close to home. You can learn more about Brad and his family at BreakingBrad.net. We’re rooting for you, Brad.

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