I Had No Idea What Turf Churches Were, Until I Saw This. They Are Awesome.

Turf roofed buildings were once common sights in Iceland. They were simple to construct and they insulated well against the harsh Icelandic winters. But as tastes changed, turf roofed buildings went out of style.

These stunning pictures are of the Hofskirkja Church, the last turf roofed church in Iceland. This beautiful construction blends seamlessly into the countryside. Check it out below.

The church is located in the village of Öræfi in Southern Iceland, about 18 miles east of Vatnajökull.

Hofskirkja Church was built in 1884 and dedicated to Saint Clement.

The walls of the church are made of rocks and heavily insulated to protect against the weather.

Turf houses were widespread in Iceland until the 20th century.

People at all levels of society, rich and poor, built turf houses.

Sadly, as tastes shifted, the knowledge of how to properly build a turf home was lost for many folks.

Some have kept the tradition alive by passing down their knowledge.

While they’re not the most “stylish” buildings, these turf roofed structures have a certain kind of Old World beauty to them.

Via: Amusing Planet

I wonder if turf roofing could catch on over here in America. It seems like a very green way to keep your home warm. I would love to live in one of these clever little homes.

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