This Baby’s Life Was Saved Thanks To A Smartphone App.

Usually when you see a smartphone involved in a life or death situation, it’s the cause of the problem — but this time it was the solution.

At a dance shop in Spokane, WA, clerk Leslie Reckord was told an infant was unable to breath and had started turning blue. A former lifeguard, she immediately called 911 and began attempting CPR. Two blocks away, volunteer EMT Jeff Olson was working on cars in his day job as a mechanic when his phone sent him a notification about the emergency taking place nearby. So he dropped everything, ran over, and saved the little boy’s life.

Olson still seemed rattled while talking about his heroism to the local news afterward. Take a look.

(via Business Insider.)

I guess smartphones are more useful than just beating your high score on Candy Crush after all.

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