These Modern-Day Mysteries Will Make You Wonder About Your Life…

The saying goes, ’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but that doesn’t make the loss any easier. Even in the age of Facebook and Twitter, people still encounter crazy cases of missed connections and lost loves. There have been families that went through life missing a wife or child, never knowing what happened to them.

Here are some of the most stirring unsolved mysteries that have just kept people wondering…

1.) A soldier who met his doppleganger.

Ken Palmer was a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps and newly assigned to Wisconsin in 1943. On his way there, his train stopped in Cincinnati. While on the platform, he saw a man who looked familiar. After asking himself where he saw this man before, he realized this man looked to be an exact duplicate of himself, almost as if he were looking in a mirror. He at once assumed he was a relative. It turned out this man’s name was also Palmer, yet when they began naming relatives, neither of the men could recognize the names given. Ken began telling the man an old family legend, and amazingly the man completed it. Ken asked for the man’s name and number and returned to his train; when he reached into his pocket at his destination, the slip of paper was gone.

2.) A man was illegally sold as a baby.

Scott Merz had the same recurring dream since he was 10. He says, “I remember walking through the main doorway. Feeling very cold. I felt like very, very horrible things went on there. Beside this table, there was a man in a green robe and a lady dressed in white. I don’t know what they were doing there. When I woke up, I woke up almost screaming, I mean I was really, really scared.” He knew he was adopted as a child, but he didn’t know where from. His search led to a woman named Edith Nation, an infamous nurse who stole babies and sold them illegally to parents that couldn’t have their own. Edith, now retired from her evil trade, revealed the location of her headquarters and told Scott his mother was a “whore” and he should stop looking for her. He visited Edith’s headquarters; as soon as he walked the hallways, he knew this was the place of his mysterious dreams. He still searches for his birth mother to this day.

3.) A lost little brother.

Peggie Lloyd’s mother filed for divorce soon after her father left for WWII. The mother put Peggie, her sister, and her brother, Arthur, in a boarding home while she got situated with a new husband. When her mother returned, Peggy was too young to realize Arthur was left behind. As Peggie grew older, she would ask if she had a brother, and her mother refused to talk about it. One day, Peggie found a photo of Arthur in the attic. She presented it to her mother, who grabbed it and told Peggie never to speak of it again. When Peggie was an adult, she received a letter from her father, who became a touring clown for the Ringling Brother’s Circus after the war. He said that the circus wouldn’t let him take Arthur in, so he put him in a home in Utah and hadn’t heard from him since. Peggie is determined to find her long-lost brother so he can tell him in her words, “You have a family, not just myself, but all of Curly’s family, who love you and want you and want to know you.”

4.) A woman was a kidnapping victim her entire life.

Monica Libao never questioned the fact that her parents moved so much during the 70s. Yet when she was 16, she began reading some medical papers of her ill mother, Burma, and realized her mother had a hysterectomy in 1940. There was no way Monica could be her daughter. She confronted Burma but only received anger as a response. Monica pressed her mother, who said her half-sister (19 years older) was her real mother. Her sister refuted the claim and told Monica her real mother sold her to Burma for a bus ticket and was a whore. Her half-sister revealed a decade later that Monica had to be hidden from the police, leading her to believe Monica was kidnapped by Burma. Monica desperately wants to find her real family because, until she does, she believes she is “without an identity.”

5.) A German boy and an American soldier.

German citizens were scared and scattered in the waning days of WWII. They desperately roamed around their decimated country for food and shelter. When Siegfried Laier was four, his mother and his siblings traveled 125 miles to the little village of Moerlenbach, also home to an American base. The Americans were helpful to the community of Moerlenbach. One soldier, Alexande, took care of the starving Laier family. He would bring them food, medical supplies, and even took little Siegfried out on joy rides in his car. Although he spoke no English, Alexander formed a special bond with the German Siegfried, a bond he one day hopes to reignite. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened to this soldier with a big heart.

6.) A long, lost friend turned out to be a sister.

In 1962, 16 year-old Irene Love discovered that the people she thought were her parents actually adopted her right after birth. Her parents told her she was adopted and that her close childhood friend, Dolores, was actually her twin sister. She was adopted by another man in their neighborhood. Both sets of Irene’s parents are now dead, but she still seeks correspondence from the little girl she felt such a strong connection with so long ago.

You would think, with the Internet and advanced research tools, these mysteries could be solved. However, these people may just go through life without getting any answers.

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