This Baby Pangolin Is So Strangely Sweet, It Even Makes Scales Look Cute.

The Taipei Zoo in Taiwan recently welcomed this adorable baby pangolin, a type of animal that is similar to anteaters but feature the distinct scales that give the mammals a reptilian look. The scales are made of keratin, like our fingernails, they don’t stop this cutie from melting our hearts. In fact, they make her even more adorable.

Her name is Gung-wu and she’s had a bit of a rough start.

The newborn refused to nurse from her mother even after multiple attempts to guide her.

So the zoo workers stepped up to bottle feed her and give her the care she needs.

At the time of birth, Gung-wu weighed 133 grams and soon dropped to a petite 113 grams.

But with their care, she has now grown to a healthy 313 grams.

This video shows the cutie getting fed, bathed, and being adorably cuddly.

(via Laughing Squid.)

Sadly, she will probably not be this cute when she grows up. Yikes. You can check out more sweet snaps and updated from the adorable little girl on the zoo’s Facebook.

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