This 26-Foot-Long Squid Looks Like An Alien Invader From A Science Fiction Movie.

No, we’re not being invaded by aliens (yet), but this giant Mangapinna (Bigfin) squid sure looks like it could be from Mars. These squids are some of the creepiest creatures of the deep.

These squids are a bit camera shy, and like to hang out in the deep ocean, which makes sightings pretty rare. However, the Shell Oil Company released a video last year from 2007 of one of it’s unmanned underwater rovers coming into contact with a Mangapinna squid. They found the squid in the Gulf of Mexico near one of the company’s oil rigs.

Why hello there, Mr. Mangapinna squid. Just wait until you see how long its tentacles are.

Wow. Just look at those things! Their tentacles are estimated to be about 26 feet long. That’s 15 to 20 times bigger than the squid’s entire body.

It’s believed that these squids use their long appendages to find and trap food on the ocean floor.

Here’s the full video of this alien squid encounter from the Shell rover. 

H/T: The Daily Mail

I can just imagine being the person controlling that rover and suddenly encountering this alien creature. I’m sure their heart skipped a beat…or two.

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