These 23 Giant Animals Herds Show Just How Small Humans Are In This World. Especially #12…Wow.

Humans seem to forget how big Planet Earth is, and just how small our part in it is. These 23 breathtaking pictures of giant animal herds in motion should help put things in perspective.

Just wait until you see #10, there are barely words…it’s just jaw dropping.

1.) Snow Geese.

2.) Elephant seals and penguins.

3.) Flock of migrating birds being attack by a predator.

5.) Sharks looking for a meal.

6.) Jellyfish.

7.) Hammerhead sharks.

8.) Red-Billed Quela.

9.) Beluga Whales.

10.) Walruses.

11.) Flamingos.

12.) Giant school of fish.

13.) Golden Rays.

Sandra Critelli

14.) Zebra.

15.) Flock of snow geese.

16.) Monarch Butterflies.

17.) Reindeer.

18.) Blackbirds in flight.

19.) More jellyfish.

20.) Crabs migrating across Christmas Island.

21.) Demoiselle Cranes

22.) Honey Bees.

23.) Arctic Caribou.

Via: Distractify

If this doesn’t humble you, I’m not sure what will. Sadly, all of these amazingly beautiful animal migrations are being threatened by climate change. Just imagine a world without bird migrations, it would not be good.

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