Think You Know What’s Waiting For You Beneath The Surface Of The Water?

You never know what lies beneath the surface of the ocean until you get into it.  When you see what finally awaits below, you’ll never feel content with seeing it any other way. These views are nothing short of amazing and serve as an important reminder that we don’t know much about what goes on beneath the surface, even in the parts we think we see. Take a look.  


Mediterranean Sea, France

Mare, New Caledonia

Smalblaar River, South Africa


Raoul Caprez

Caribbean Sea, Mexico

Bora Bora

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Laguna de los Burros, Mexico

Papua New Guinea

Eilat, Israel

Crystal River, Florida, U.S.A.

Green Lake, Austria

Florida, U.S.A.

Sarah Lee

Capri, Italy

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Costa Rica

Sean Davey

Danko Island, Antarctica

Nuweiba, Egypt

(via Distractify)

Amazing. I was never one to dive right into the water, but now I just might want to stay out and observe from the surface.

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