These People Gave It Their Best Shot, But Still Ended In Fail.

Trying new things is hard, especially once a person remains “set in their ways” for so long. We tend to get used to our own routines, so finding the courage to give something else a shot is definitely commendable. However, we recommend making sure you practice before diving into anything you’re unfamiliar with. Especially if you’re literally diving into something.

We would give these guys an E for “effort,” but the fail is just too much to ignore. 

1.) That’s what you get for trying to show off.

2.) Not a great start.

3.) This is not the best choreography.

4.) “Oh, wait a minute, I’m not a cheerleader.”

5.) Ta-da… uh oh.

6.) This is why I don’t pick my shopping carts based on cute color alone.

7.) Trust no one.

8.) Not as spry as he used to be.

9.) Aaaalmost.

10.) The friend’s reaction is the best.

11.) I hope she was able to keep her chin up after this.

12.) I don’t even know what this guy tripped on.

13.) Uh, you need to hold on a liiiittle longer.

14.) Important life lesson: let go of the leash while playing fetch.

15.) Careful, careful… fail.

16.) He watched the cat do it a million times.

17.) Was this an experiment to see how long it would take to fail?

18.) Good effort.

19.) She kind of makes it work for her, though.

20.) This guy still has his sweet moves.

21.) First wipe counters down, THEN twerk.

22.) Honestly, how was this not going to end in fail?

23.) The mattress would’ve slowed her down anyway.

24.) This should happen every time someone goofs off behind a reporter.

25.) This is why you don’t try to show up the bride on her wedding day.

26.) To quote my mom, “Stairs are not for indoor sledding.”

27.) That’s probably what he meant to do.

28.) Looks great for day or night, dry or wet.

 Hey, at least it’s all uphill from here! Until we discover even new depths of fail, that is.

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