Back In The Day, The Nazis Had Some Pretty Crazy Ideas For Weapons…

The Nazi Party controlled Germany during a crisis and, in the end, committed countless atrocities against man. They were, basically, an evil regime. We all know that.

But what most people DON’T know about the Nazis is that they dreamt up some pretty insane weaponry. Thank God they were stopped and never had a chance to flesh out these ideas…

1.) Zeppelin Rammer

This plane was supposed to be towed by another plane. It would be set free whenever the pair approached an Allied plane. The Zeppelin Rammer would then fly toward the enemy plane, firing rockets at it and finally crash into it using its reinforced wings.

2.) Heinkel He 162

This plane was designed to be very easily mass produced and easy to fly. The Nazis were suffering heavy pilot casualties and they needed planes that were so easy to fly even novices could learn quickly. These planes turned out to be extremely complicated to fly though and during test flights the wings would catch on fire.

3.) Fliegerfaust

This rocket launcher was meant to be fired at planes that flew overhead. The main reason it failed was that it had a very short range, so it could only hit planes that were SUPER close to the ground, so very few were produced.

4.) Junkers Ju 322 Mammut

This wooden plane was designed to be a replacement for cargo carrying ships. The flight of the plane was incredibly unstable and it proved to be less useful as the tank it was carrying fell through the bottom of the plane. Since the plane was made of wood, it was chopped up and used as fuel.

5.) Rocket U-Boat

This was essentially a submarine with rockets strapped to it. Because of the lack of technology, the rockets were extremely hard to guide underwater.

6.) Taifun

This rocket was meant to finally put an end to the onslaught of allied bombers that were devastating the German forces. They were unguided missles that would be fired at the planes. They were relatively cheap and easy to make, plus they were practical since the Allied bombers were large and made for easy targets.

7.) Panzer VIII Maus

This tank is the heaviest tank ever built. It was so heavy that bridges would collapse under it, thus making it pretty useless.

8.) Krummlauf

Guns that can fire around corners? Seems pretty genius. They were fitted with mirrors as well so that soldiers could see what was coming around said corner.

9.) Fieseler Fi 103R

This kamikaze plane was to be flown by German pilots. It carried a rocket so that it would cause serious damage to the target. Pilots would acquire a target and they were supposed to eject to avoid death. The problem was that the ejection was so violent that many pilots died during the test flights.

10.) The Sun Gun

This wasn’t necessarily a “gun” per se, but actually a mirror. This mirror would be sent into orbit and strategically aimed to bounce the sun’s rays into the ocean to boil the water and in turn destroy cities.

Thankfully, the Nazis were stopped before many of these weapons were ever perfected. If they actually managed to create a giant mirror to attack different cities around the globe? They would have successfully become super villains.

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