These People May Have Attitude, But At Least It’s Hilarious.

You may come across some people in life that think they’re the class clown or office wise guy, but they have nothing on the real deal. These people were born with attitudes and sarcasm that simply can’t be stopped. Having someone like this in your life would ensure each day is full of laughter (and probably some headaches).

1.) That’s what it’s supposed to do.

2.) Sure puts an end to that.

3.) The mom traffic sign.

4.) That’s a little sexist.

5.) Poor tradesmen.

6.) Science!

7.) Got her there.

8.) Bey would disagree.

9.) Definitely got the last laugh.

10.) Why not?

11.) Let the bidding begin.

12.) Clever.

13.) Technically, this is what they wanted.

14.) I hope this kid received credit for this.

15.) Lewd.

16.) How considerate.

17.) Zing!

18.) Oh, typos.

19.) Truth.

20.) That’s a little creepy.

21.) Triple sass!

22.) That’s just a scientific fact.

23.) Quite tasty.

24.) I see what you did there.

25.) Stubborn.

26.) Not what I think they meant.

27.) Ctrl+alt+delete.

28.) Good worker.

29.) Dope.

Ah yes… now this is how you properly react to things in life. Some say the wheel was the greatest tool ever invented. Personally, I think sarcasm is.

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