This Hotel Has The Best View In The World… And You Can Stay There For Free!

Most people will shell out the big bucks in order to stay in a hotel with a gorgeous view. After all, vacations are so much better when you’re inspired as soon as you wake up! Expensive, five-star hotels with unbeatable views, however, have nothing on this place. Not only does it have the best view, but it’s also free.

There’s just one tiny, itsy-bitsy catch: You have to get here… which is no small order.

Colleagues and family of Luca Vuernich built this nine-bed hotel atop the Alps in memory of the fallen climber.

Twelve people built the hotel in a single day, bringing in supplies by helicopter.

If you can get to the top of the Foronon Buinz Mountain, you get to stay for free.

Just know that the hotel sits 8,300 feet up, so good luck!

(via TwentyTwoWords)

Here’s a thought: Can I just skip the climb and hitch a ride on a helicopter? That seems a little more my speed.

Oh, and can we bring some toilets too? Something tells me those didn’t quite make the day-long build…

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