These Optical Illusion Rugs Will Make Your Guests’ Heads Spin.

Do you like freaking out your guests to the point of shocked screaming? Yes? Well then, these rugs are for you.

While not all of them are terrifying, they all feature brain-bending designs that will take some time for even you to get used to. In fact, you might never get used to them. Imagine being that amazed every time you walk into a room. You’d have to make sure you’re not carrying anything you wouldn’t want to drop each time you made your way through the living room. Yeah, they’re that crazy.

1.) This is definitely a conversation starter. (P.S., it’s not wrinkled.)

2.) I’m dizzy just thinking about walking on this thing.

3.) Hello? Anybody down there?

4.) Um, I think I’ll walk around that carpet.

5.) That’s trippy.

6.) Whoa, insane.

7.) Whoa!

8.) Cool!

9.) Oh, no! She’s sinking!

10.) It’s like having a cool maze in your house.

(via io9)

Just imagine what happens when the family dog sees these rugs…

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