These Neighborhood Houses Are Doing Halloween Better Than You.

Halloween is almost here. As you look around the neighborhood you see decorated houses with varying levels of the fall festive spirit. But then there are some houses that go all out on Halloween. There are houses that get so into the Halloween spirit that you wonder “did they just take off the entire month of October just to do this?”

Someone has not seen the Walking Dead and is apparently very proud of it.

I kind of just want to run and jump on to this yard. Something tells me I’d be perfectly safe wherever I’d land.

The house is cool, but the tenants are monsters.

The warlock’s lair.

These are all Doctor Who references. Which is only scary because there were like 30 freaking seasons of that show.

I like that the police went through the trouble of putting up the tape but didn’t collect the alien corpse?

This person watches a lot of Walking Dead.

This is actually truly horrifying. No candy here children, just gypsy shadow spells.

Simpson’s Tree House of Horror.

Is it cool if Kong brought friends to the Halloween party?

This Halloween house is more than meets the eye.

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Ha ha happy Halloween???

Paying proper homage to the Pumpkin King.

Eh, I feel like this house could use one more pumpkin.

This neighborhood must have a really chill home owner’s association.

Growing up my parents would just throw the Christmas tree lights on the bushes outside our house and then maybe a fake bat or two. But this. If this is what these people’s houses look like on Halloween, I wonder what the candy is like. 

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