These Gorgeous Vintage Envelopes Show How Mail Really Used to Be an Art Form.

Writing a letter to a loved one used to be a long, heartfelt process. Now, it has devolved to the point where we can spend less than a second sending a text message to get the job done. I think we can all agree this certainly lacks a lot of charm. Even if you include some emoji, it’s not quite the same as tearing open an envelope and seeing the character in another person’s handwriting.

French author Pierre-Stéphane Proust shines a light on this current shortcoming in communication by showcasing how delightful correspondence was back in the day. Before the letter was even opened, these French pen pals made sure to put a smile on their friend’s face.

From French screenwriter, Jacques Pervert in 1951.

From 1901.

From 1917.

From French illustrator Léon Lebègue in 1896.

Postcard from Pablo Picasso to Jean Cocteau in 1919.

From 1868.

From 1869.

From 1904.

From 1856.

Sent to Pissaro in 1904.

From 1857.

(via Messy Nessy Chic.)

I would love to see something like this in my mailbox. Maybe my cable company can pick up this trend.

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