These Expressive Monkeys Will Give You So Many Feels. D’aww…

There are a lot of enigmatic animals out there in the wild that are difficult to get a read on (like, who really ever knows what a giraffe is thinking?), but then there are these seriously precious primates who definitely have their hearts on their sleeve.

One look at their furry little faces and big soulful eyes, you’ll be convinced all animals have more to say than we know.

1.) This little guy soaking up some rays.

Manuela Kulpa

2.) This emotional embrace.

Kiyo Photography

3.) “Did I leave the stove on?”

Marsel van Oosten

4.) This guy grabbing a bite.

Marsel van Oosten

5.) Wait… Is this a still from the next Planet of the Apes?

Marsel van Oosten

6.) Something terrible happened before this photo was taken.

Anton Jankovoy

7.) This guy just trying to enjoy some dessert.

Sid Verma

8.) This protective parent.

Michael Shmelev

9.) This guy is definitely having a religious experience.

Anton Chekalin

10.) Bath time can be sooo soooothing.

Kiyo Photography

11.) These commuter cuties.

Marsel van Oosten

12.) This philosophic primate.

Marsel van Oosten

13.) “I said no pictures until I put on my makeup!”

Ann J. Sagel

(via Where Cool Things Happen.)

Aww, I want to be best friends with all of them and give them big hugs. 

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