These Dolls Are Said To Be Haunted Vessels For Spirits. So. Creepy.

If you’re like me, you avoid the doll section of the toy store at all costs. Rows of hundreds of plastic eyes looking at me in silent judgement isn’t something I particularly enjoy. I know these dolls come directly from the factory and didn’t exactly have time to murder strings of people before they were placed on the shelf, but man oh man, do I hate dolls.

Here are some dolls that not only look like devil’s spawn, but they do in fact have a demonic past.

1.) In 1914 a German couple was detained in Singapore because they were suspected of being spies. Their daughter escaped the arrest, somehow fell off a cliff and died. In 2007 a man in Palau Ubin experienced the same dream three nights in a row of him going to a store and being a Barbie doll for a little girl. He decided to go to the toy store, found the exact doll that he had dreamt and placed it on the shrine for the girl. The dreams stopped.

2.) This is the doll of one of the youngest members of the Donner Party. Patty Reed was asked to get rid of her possessions when the infamous group was lost in the western snows (and eventually turned to cannibalism), but she managed to hide this doll in her dress. It survived the journey along with Patty Reed. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of some of Patty’s cohort.

3.) Robert The Doll is a creepy doll that resembles a tiny heroin addicted sailor and was actually the inspiration for the ‘Chucky’ films. Supposedly the doll was given to Robert Eugene Otto by his family’s Bahamian servant who was adept in voodoo and black magic. The boy named the doll ‘Robert’ after himself and it wasn’t long before his parents would catch him creepily talking to it. Furniture would get destroyed in the boy’s room and when his parents asked him what happened he would scream, “Robert did it!” Later when the house was stolen the little girl who inherited Robert the Doll said the stuffed man was trying to kill her.

4.) The charming Letta the Gypsy Doll got its name either from its gypsy heritage or because the evil spirit that lives within occasionally screams “Letta me out!” (I’d prefer the former, please). This doll is fitted with actual human hair and a head that inside creepily resembles a human brain. It was made by a gypsy Romanian gypsy for a son who eventually drowned. Dogs bark at Letta when he’s in their presence, he’s been known to change positions when seated and even produce a pulse when being held.

5.) The Mandy Doll was made in England in 1910. Its former owner would hear the doll crying in the nights and when she donated it to the museum in British Columbia, employees say they hear footsteps around the doll and cameras malfunction. They even say that Mandy has been known to vandalize the other dolls in the same display as her.

6.) This dolls name is Emilia and it was given to King Umberto I of Italy in 1878 by one of his royal guards before he was assassinated. The doll passed to his daughter Marie but lost her arms and scalp during WWII when a bomb went off on a train. Marie’s guards ordered a women to retrieve the doll for Marie, but before she could another explosion occurred and the lady perished instantly. The doll was found again later and is said to be still haunted by this woman.

7.) New Orleans legend has it a voodoo witch cursed a bride-to-be and when her first child was born he turned out to be a devilish monster marked by Satan himself. The townsfolk would carve little devil babies and set them on the outsides of their houses to ward of the real devil baby (who was also afraid of devil babies? I don’t understand). In the 20th century a new version of the devil baby dolls started coming out. A woman who claimed to have once played with the actual devil baby when she was young says these new dolls resemble him exactly. For that the dolls are said to be haunted.

8.) This beauty’s name is Joliet. For four generations this doll has been passed down to the females of the family who each gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl, but mysteriously in all four cases the boy has died on the third day after his birth. The family claims the doll holds the spirits of the sons who died, which I guess would explain why they haven’t destroyed it by fire yet.

Dude, I never even want to be in a room alone with my sister’s Raggedy Ann. No thank you! Most dolls venture into that uncanny valley, where they look TOO close to being human but not quite. That’s what scares me off (well, that and all of the dolls haunted by demons). 

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