This Cat Is An Evil Genius, But, LOL. We Still Love Him.

Even though the Internet at large loves cats, sometimes they get a bad rap. Black cats are supposed to be bad luck and even evil witches used cats as companions. They’re not all evil… but, this one sure is. 

One cat owner caught his furry feline friend playing around the cork board. Encouraged by the obvious cuteness, he began taking pictures… 

What he caught on film is hilariously evil.

At first… the cat just seemed curious.

It was obvious this was his plan all along.

(via Reddit)

[INSERT EVIL LAUGH] The next time you’re in the same room with a cat, watch your back. They may seem all adorable and full of affection, but most of them are probably brimming with rage and evil. Give this a share on Facebook by clicking below; warn people of their cats’ intentions.

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