These Gorgeous Underwater Photos Will Take Your Breath Away.

If mermaids actually existed, this beautiful young woman would definitely be one. Bahamas native Sacha Kalis is so connected to the ocean, she learned to swim before she could even walk. Since then, she’s spent as much of her life underwater as humanly possible.

Her mom, photographer Elena Kalis, encouraged her daughter’s adoration of the ocean. Eventually, Elena was inspired to capture the ethereal beauty of her daughter’s love of nature from beneath the waves. Nicknamed “Bahamas Girl,” the photographs paint a peaceful portrait of Sacha and display her amazing connection with the underwater animals.

Sacha seems like an angel floating around the crystal clear water.

She is most frequently captured in flowing gowns to highlight the dreamlike quality.

The sunlight bursts through the waves to light up her serene face.

She’s also sometimes joined by her sea friends.

It looks like she lives in a real life fairy tale…

But it’s simply her real life.

(H/T: My Modern Met.)

Considering more than 70% of our world is underwater, it’s inspiring to see someone embrace its incredible natural beauty. You can find more amazing photos on Sacha’s website and Facebook.

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