These 7 Incredible Optical Illusions Will Change The World Before Your Eyes.

There’s nothing like a good optical illusion to give your brain a workout. The best illusions strike a balance of generating interest without causing frustration. And you know how frustrating some illusions can be…

With this in mind, I present to you 7 pleasant optical illusions that will disappear before you eyes if you look at them for too long. I know it sounds weird, but just wait until you try them out. #5 is too cool.

1.) Watch the little cross for long enough, and the dots will vanish.

2.) Keep an eye on one of the yellow dots and the other yellow dots vanish.

3.) If you stare at the red dot for long enough, the blue circle will disappear.

4.) The blue bars will fade away the longer you look at the black dot.

5.) Staring at the black cross will cause the pink dots to fade away. You may even see the pink dots replaced by green spots.

6.) Lock your eyes on the middle of this picture. It will disappear after a few seconds.

7.) The gray area fades away the longer you stare at the black dot.

Via: 22 Words

Ouch! I think I need some aspirin after looking at these. It’s interesting how the human brain works and makes these things seem like they’re disappearing. If only I could do that with my roommate….

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