Some Thoughts About Your Own Body That Are Awesome Epiphanies.

Have you ever had a surreal epiphany about the world that makes you realize just how weird everything is? Those are called shower thoughts, and they can change the way you view the world.

These epiphanies are even more powerful and awesome when they’re about the human body. Here are 21 of the best and weirdest realizations about the human body that we could find. Just wait until you get to #12.

1.) That’s one heck of a check engine light.

2.) This one is almost scientific.

3.) It can also turn good beer into bad beer.

4.) You must eat now… or die.

5.) It’s just so hard to read.

6.) Sadly, most of us aren’t that lucky.

7.) This is just a fact of life.

8.) We’re all Jedi masters.

9.) I’m not sure I’d put it that way, but sure, why not?

10.) Then I’m a mature 7-year-old.

11.) Whoa. That’s very true, and I always looks damn good.

12.) Gross.

13.) Technically correct.

14.) That’s certainly one way of putting it.

15.) The wonders of science!

16.) This one actually made me laugh out loud.

17.) Welcome to the arm show.

18.) This just sounds a bit villainous.

19.) Nor shall it ever touch!

20.) I’m not sure I want to meet the guy who needs to wear an “F-Shirt.”

21.) It’s a legitimate question.

(Via: Distractify)

These are messing with my head just a little bit. Did you actually sounded out the word “poop” when you read #12? That’s what I thought…

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