These 14 Creepy Sea Creatures Are Probably Lurking In Our Waters Right Now.

The Little Mermaid is full of lies: life is NOT better under the sea. In fact, you should probably keep your legs on land from now on.

My childhood dreams of singing with a crustacean band are shattered. You’ll understand when you take a look at what really lurks beneath the waves. No wonder Ariel wanted out of there so bad.

1.) St. Augustine Monster

This amorphous monster washed up onto Florida shores in 1896. Scientists think it might be the remains of a giant octopus, but nothing is certain.

2.) Montauk Monster

Discovered in 2008 on the New York beach, this creature has yet to be identified. Some say it’s a bloated, distorted raccoon carcass, but it looks more like a mutant experiment gone wrong.

3.) Red Blob

A real life version of The Blob was discovered on Australia’s Mudjimba Beach. Scientists are still looking into what the limbless, eyeless, and mouthless creature could be.

4.) The Living Fossil

There are actually a ton of “living fossils” swimming around our oceans that were previously considered extinct. Above is the Coelacanth, which we thought had purged from the earth 60 million years ago.

5.) Giant Jellyfish

The Portuguese Man o’ War isn’t technically a jellyfish: it’s four different species banding together like the worst supergroup in the world to roam the waters with no brain, no heart, and poisonous tentacles that hang as low as 165 feet. Giant jellyfish are also a real thing you should be afraid of, too.

6.) Jules Verne’s Squid

Giant squids were considered a myth until this big guy washed ashore in 2004, weighing 400 lbs. It gave visitors a shock when they found it on a beach in Cantabria, Spain.

7.) Sea Monk

This was found off the coast of Denmark in 1546. While it was probably just a large squid, it was so terrifying that people canonized it as a Christian warrior to ward off its evil.

8.) Folly Monster


This behemoth washed up in 2012 on Folly Beach in South Carolina. The creepy mystery was solved when it was identified as an Atlantic sturgeon and not something that would steal your soul.

9.) The Stronsay Beast

Nicknamed “Nessie’s cousin,” the creature supposedly washed up on Scottish shores in 1808. According to records, it was 55 feet long and missing its tail.

10.) Trunko

Discovered in South Africa in 1924, legend has it that the large white blobby creature fought with two killer whales before fatally losing the battle and washing ashore.

11.) Half Monster

It may be missing about 50 percent of its body, but it’s still 100 percent creepy. It was discovered on Pukehina Beach in New Zealand and has yet to be identified.

12.) Mystery Monster

This terrifying toothy created washed up onto Villaricos Beach in Spain recently. At 13 feet long, scientists still speculate on its identity, but are leaning toward Asian dragonfish, ribbonfish, or possibly an oarfish.

13.) Gambo

The drawing comes from the man who discovered the creature in 1983 off a Gambian coast. Not much is known about Gambo, as he was apparently cut into small pieces and buried by villagers. Y’know, like you do with demons.

14.) Sea Serpent

Reports of a giant sea snakes spotted across the seas are as old as Poseidon himself. However, as horrific as they appear, actual oarfish are pretty dumb and harmless.

(via All Day.)

It may be hotter under the water, but now you know it’s because that’s where all the EVIL is. I’m certainly not going to the beach any time soon.

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