These 11 Photos Might Be The Evidence Needed To Prove The Existence Of Ghosts.

The jury is still out on whether or not ghosts are real. Thousands of people swear that ghosts, ghouls, hauntings and various paranormal activity are part of our world. Science can’t disprove it…although scientists can’t find concrete evidence to support ghostly theories. Even though paranormal experts on Ghost Hunter-like TV shows can feel “cold spots” in decidedly old, furnace-less buildings and capture questionable images, everyone is still left on the fence. 

But these photos? They might just make you a believer (even though people swear they have been faked):

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.

Probably the most famous image of ghost ever captured, this photo was taken 1936. The misty figure is thought to be Lady Dorothy Townsend, the original owner of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. Some claim this is double-exposure trickery, but others aren’t so sure.

Child on the Tracks.

A horrible train accident cause the death of several children in San Antonio. Could this picture be of one of them heeding us to not make the same mistake?

The Haunted Toys R Us.

The leaning figure in the background was not seen by any of the people sitting on the floor of this Toys R Us, nor was he captured by any of the security cameras. They say he was once a priest in the 1880’s who died chopping wood on the land where the store now sits.

The Back Seat Ghost.

If you look closely through the front side window you may see a woman sitting in the back seat. That woman is Mabel Chimmery’s mother, Ellen. The problem is Mable was just visiting Ellen’s grave.

Ghost Baby.

The woman who took this photograph of her daughter’s grave claims there were no children present this day. Stranger still, if this is a ghost, it is not the ghost of her daughter. The woman said she looked nothing like this as a child. Many people think this is a faked photo…but the photographer swears it’s not.

Ghost Farm Boy.

Neil Sandbach was taking pictures of an English farmhouse when he caught this picture of what appears to be young farm boy in a night gown. The owners of the farm confirmed that they often see this exact image once or twice a month.

The Fallen Soldier

If you look closely behind one soldier in this picture of R.A.F. Airmen taken in 1919, you can see the face of one of the soldiers’ comrades who had died in battle two days ealier.

Ghost of Lord Combermere.

This photo was supposed to be of an empty chair, but suddenly the blurred face and collar of the man who used to own this manor appeared, thus the famous picture of Lord Combermere was made.

Grandpa’s Return.

This picture of a woman’s grandmother, with grandfather adorably watching from afar was taken in 1997. If only grandpa hadn’t died way back in 1984.

The Tulip Staircase.

Could this sad spirit at the bottom of the staircase be mourning the maid that fell 50 feet to her death from the top 300 years ago? This photo was taken at the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.

The Legless Cowboy.

In the background of this photo, a cowboy appears to be mysteriously emerging from the ground. He isn’t casting a shadow and is seemingly rising up from the ground, minus any legs.

Keep in mind a lot of these photos were taken long before Photoshop arrived. Even with Photoshop, how would you recreate some of these?

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