These 10 Idiots Will Make You Feel Like The Smartest Person In The World.

It seems that, for every genius who has changed the face of our planet for the better, there’s a thousand more idiots running around making you almost lose faith in the human race entirely. They’re usually found on your Facebook feed spouting their latest ignorant epiphany. Sometimes I’m afraid my eyes will roll right out of my head while scrolling through my “friends.” Thank goodness for that unfollow button!

These ten people are definitely the worst kind of dummies around. I have never felt smarter.

1.) Well… I’m sure you’ll get your wish.

2.) I’m pretty positive this person wasn’t sober.

3.) Linda, I don’t think you have access to your brain.

4.) Taste of their own medicine.

5.) Did they stop teaching roman numerals in elementary school?

6.) If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try again.

7.) It makes sense, actually.

8.) This is just one of the many reasons sex education is so valuable.

9.) This person definitely isn’t an Apple Genius.

10.) He must be friends with the guy in #9.

(via Memolition.)

I hope I didn’t lose any IQ points just by looking directly at their stupidity… Share all the LOLs with your friends using the buttons below.

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