There are Countless Hidden Faces All Around You…Just Look and LOL.

We’re often oblivious to the abundant creativity around us. That’s why, when someone comes around and highlights them, we often celebrate them as true “artists.” Those people see what we take for granted. 

Recently, a Twitter account started to collect the greatest collection of “faces” in everyday items. They might not be the same art you’re ready to tout as the next best thing, but this guy talented at seeing the true world around us.

1.) “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

2.) Ahhhhhhhh…..

3.) I swear I didn’t forget you!

4.) You’re looking a bit…weird.

5.) You’ll do a double take when you realize this one…

6.) “Look at what I created!”

7.) Bat-glacier!

8.) Monkeys, monkeys everywhere!

9.) That’s one angry kitty.

10.) Grrrrr…

11.) Where’s the witch and the wardrobe?

12.) That’s a handlebar mustache only a mother grasshopper could love.

13.) You know something I don’t?

14.) Yes, that IS a wrecking ball coming towards you.

15.) My. Worst. Nightmare.

16.) This house feels very mellow.

17.) Did we catch you at a bad time?

18.) Whoa…because THAT’s normal.

19.) Why so serious?

20.) This dementor apparently doesn’t like black clothes.

21.) That hoagie looks amazing.

22.) What’s so funny?

23.) “Is the garbage truck here yet?”

24.) ….and finally the winner!

(via Twitter / Lifebuzz)

If this doesn’t inspire you to be more aware of your surroundings, I don’t know what else will. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something just as hilarious as that last picture, and who doesn’t want more stuff like THAT in the world?!

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