Tech Then VS Tech Now. It’s Amazing How Far We’ve Come (And How Far We’ll Go).

Technology doesn’t seem to be progressing much if you look at it year by year. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 6 isn’t exactly wowing anyone. Yet just a few short years ago, having a camera on your phone was CRAZY. Now, it’s expected to be on every new phone (even though I only use it for bathroom selfies).

Here is a comparison of technology from decades past and the same technology now. Oh, how far we have come!

1.) An empty bucket with a hose VS a Dyson.

2.) A carpet-heating Atari VS a Playstation 4.

3.) A brick cell phone VS an iPhone.

4.) This square Walkman VS an iPod.

5.) An oddly colored Frigidaire VS a new, stainless steel GE.

6.) A washing machine bucket VS a new washing machine.

7.) An odd Sketch Pad VS an iPad.

8.) A clunky Apple laptop VS a MacBook Air.

9.) A camcorder VS a Flip camera.

10.) Internet CDs VS wireless Internet.

11.) Almost-prehistoric televisions VS flat screen televisions.

12.) An oversized VCR VS a DVR.

I was just thinking about how many cool things kids have to play with now. I remember being bored a lot as a kid, and I even had cable TV. What did my dad even do? Catch bees in mason jars?

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