The Truth Will Set You Free And Also Make You LOL. Brutal Can Be Good.

It’s always nice when a sign cuts to the chase and doesn’t dance around the point it’s trying to make. Sure, “stop” and “yield” are straightforward, but they’re also boring.. I want more from a sign than just directions. I want to be able to get a laugh out of it, too.

If you think I’m asking for too much, then you haven’t seen signs like the hilarious ones below. Get ready for major LOLs:

1.) Solid advice sign, solid advice.

2.) No ventis?!

3.) Cheap is so good.

4.) You really don’t need to do anything else.

5.) Quit sending mixed messages, sign.

6.) Oh…

7.) Gee whiz!

8.) I do appreciate this honesty.

9.) …so I can buy dead people? That’s cool?

10.) Stupid elitist water.

11.) So…should I not hire you?

12.) Hey, as long as the food is great.

13.) I’m still voting for Abe.

14.) I’m sold!

15.) Exhibit 1, you make so much sense.

Funny stuff. I wonder if people would pay more attention to signs if they knew they could expect them to be funny.

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