Do You Know How Common Your Birthday Is? You May Be Surprised.

When my birthday rolls around, that day is about me and only me. It’s my special day, and no one else’s. Other people are welcome to celebrate their own birthdays, but just don’t do it on mine. I was here first.

… or maybe I wasn’t. One user on Reddit compiled birthday statistics into one helpful chart. It displays just how common birthdays are in the US. Do you know just how common yours is? You may be surprised. Apparently, being a New Year’s baby is extremely rare, while being born in September is extremely common. Whoa.

A Redditor recently compiled this graph, showing the most common days of the year for births.

It’s pretty rare for babies to be born on certain holidays (Dec. 24 and 25, July 4, New Years, etc.).

The next graph shows the most common day of the week for births.

The data is slightly out of date, but it seems reasonable that it didn’t change much in the past 10 years. It’s worth noting that Saturdays and Sundays aren’t favored by the expecting, while those pesky workdays later in the week get a lot of love.

The following graphs show the most popular holiday to be born on, a different view of the most popular day of the week, and the season featuring the most “I’m pregnant” conversations.

(via Reddit / Visual News)

I was born on a Friday in the summer, so everyone and their brother has the same birthday as me. Happy Birthday, Internet!

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