The Items You Can Buy At A Chinese Walmart Look Like They’re From A Black Market.

I think we can all agree that what we find normal in our country is often seen as strange in other countries. Every culture is different. That said, Walmarts in China are downright strange. What you can find for sale in Chinese Walmarts is nothing like what’s stocked in the U.S. You can find…

1.) Frozen reptile parts

2.) Whole ducks

3.) Turtles (in the meat and produce section)

4.) Bins full of sausages

5.) Diet water (???)

6.) An assortment of various animal eggs (good luck)

7.) More turtles you can eat (but these are live)

8.) Frogs

9.) Ribs

10.) Crocodiles

11.) Boxed liquor

12.) Squid

13.) Frogs and turtles

14.) Assorted mystery meat

15.) Meat waters

16.) “Fat guy” underwear

17.) Pig snouts

18.) Full-grown shark parts

Most people would never expect to see a full-grown shark inside of a Walmart. Not only are they endangered, but they’re also terrifying. I think I’ll stick to my American Walmart stores full of Cheese Whiz and potato chips.

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