I Was Shocked When I Found Out The Truth About This Tropical Island.

Thilafushi is an island located in the middle of a tropical paradise. The truth is, it’s anything but a paradise. Located just west of Malé (capital of Maldives), this island isn’t like the white sand beaches you envision. Not only is Thilafushi an artificial island, it’s also a dumping ground for garbage from the surrounding area. The island will likely disgust you, but these pictures serve as an important reminder of the waste we create on a daily basis. Take a look.    

Where’s the beach?

Hundreds of tons of waste, some toxic, are dumped on Thilafushi every day.

Most of it comes from luxury hotels located on nearby islands.

330 tons of daily garbage has to go somewhere.

But there has to be a better way.

Perhaps we can all be more conscious of the garbage we create.

Whatever it is, we have to do something.

(via izismile)

Yikes. That’s really awful. We really need to start taking responsibility for how we treat our planet. This is totally unacceptable.

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