The 25 Creepiest-Looking Animals In the world. Hello, Nightmares!

While parts of the world are filled with amazing, interesting animals. The rest of it is filled with terrible creatures that will haunt your dreams forever. To save you the pain of tracking them down yourself, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of the creepiest, most terrifying creatures of earth.

These 25 animals would seriously freak me out in real life, that is if they didn’t eat me first. Especially #20. It’s literally the stuff of nightmares.

1.) Poodle Moth.

It looks cuddly, but I’d still run in the other direction.

2.) Cyclops Shark.

That’s too freaky.

3.) Goliath Tigerfish.

Just imagine this thing, eating you alive.

4.) Pinocchio Frog.

You can always tell when this frog is lying.

5.) Marabou Stork.

What’s it hiding in that pouch!?

6.) Celebes Crested Macaque.

Umm….ok then.

7.) The Bilby.

Those ears.

8.) Long-Wattled Umbrella Bird.

The bird with the hipster hairdo.

9.) Lobster Moth Caterpillar.

Is there anything more horrifying than this name?

10.) Asian Sheepshead Wrasse.

This guy looks deadly.

11.) Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat.

Well, bats need to breath too I suppose.

12.) Bat-Eared Fox.

Something’s not right here.

13.) The Shoebill.

This thing looks like it could several humans at once.

14.) Cthulhu Larva.

There are no words…

15.) Naked Mole Rat.


16.) Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko.

The name says it all.

17.) Turtle Frog.

This little dude literally looks like snot.

18.) Frilled Shark.

Talk about a prehistoric nightmare. Yikes.

19.) Metallic Beetles.

This one is the color of gasoline.

20.) Wolf Fish.


21.) Sea-Angel.

This only looks a little bit scary.

22.) Lesula.

That is a disturbingly human looking monkey.

23.) Trogloraptor Spider.

I’m terrified.

24.) Star Nosed Mole.

This thing must be an alien.

25.) Honeypot Ant.

So greedy, and creepy.

Ahh that wolf fish will be haunting my dreams. In fact I might just give up sleeping and going outside forever. Still thought I’d like to think that maybe the poodle moth has a secret heart of gold.

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