Stop Buying Into the Superfood Hype. The Stuff You’re Eating Isn’t THAT Great.

A new “study” comes out of the blue every week, spouting the health benefits of the world’s newest superfood. We then see continuous news coverage for months on why this expensive, rare food is the cure to our ailments and how we won’t imagine life now without it.

What if we told you that what these so-called “experts” deemed a “superfood” is really a super fraud? It’s true. Except the story doesn’t end there. There are actual superfoods in the world if you know where to look! The people at have put together some superfood facts that may surprise you…

Too long for you to read? No worries. These are the kitchen table factoids you need to throw in the face of that know-it-all Crossfit buddy of yours the next time they won’t shut up:

1. Quinoa contains a bunch of gut-irritating material that’s far from great for your digestion and, in fact, can be pretty disgusting.

2. Few studies have actually tested/proven that Acai Berries have any weight loss benefits.

3. Wheatgrass contains virtually no nutrients, and could never be called “healthy” for a person.

4. The world’s closest “superfood” is actually watercress. Not kale.

5. Bee pollen is actually one of the healthiest things you can eat.


Now I need to make my emergency run to Whole Foods before they close. After all, where else am I going to get my daily dose of sacha inci seed?

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