Starbucks Baristas Are Awful With Names… Marbra? Um, Okay.

If you ever went to Starbucks—and actually ordered a drink, not just use the bathroom—then you know how hard it is for some baristas to get names right. If it hasn’t happened to you directly, don’t worry, you’ll see it soon. Maybe your friend Melissa will post pictures on Instagram of her venti-sized white cup with “Mahlizard” scribbled on its side.

I can’t say I blame the baristas, though. They are always busy and it does get pretty loud in there…but how does one get “Marbra” from Barbara? (And it only gets worse from there.)

1.) Barbara

2.) Allison

3.) Margaux

4.) Hillary

7.) Eleanor

8.) Bonnie

9.) Margo

10.) Trudy

11.) Janice

12.) Allison

13.) Veronica

14.) Becky

15.) Stacy

16.) Katie

17.) April

18.) Justin

19.) Isaac

20.) Lara

(via Starbucks Spelling, H/T Thrillist)

I’m not too bothered as long as no one tries try talking to me before I’ve had my coffee.

…but MARBRA?! Really!?

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