This is a DIY Project Everyone With a TV Needs to Try Out. It’s Brilliant.

Imagine this scenario: After months of saving up, you’ve finally splurged and bought yourself the TV you’ve been eyeing. It called to you every time you walkedthrough the big box electronics store that you’ve been going to once a week. The TV–and all of its special features that you don’t understand, but can’t help but feel excited about–is all yours. So, why does it look so terrible in your living room?

Is it because it’s too big? No, it can never be that.
Is it because it’s on the floor, propped up against a pile of books you’ll never have to read again? Yes, buy a mount.

Then, when you discover that, while the mount helped, that’s not the missing piece to the dream TV not looking bad puzzle. It’s the wires. Any awesome electronics set-up can be ruined by a plethora of wires just sitting below the TV. So, this genius came up with an awesome idea:

Before (yikes).

And now…After!

If you have a mount for your TV, fasten all of the electronics with the unsightly wires to it. (If you need to, build a small lightweight frame to attach to your mount.) Bundle up the wires as much as possible before fastening them to the mount so they don’t get tangled once they’re up there. Use bungee cords to secure heavier hardware like a cable box or router. Plug everything into a power strip so you only have to worry about one wire running from your TV to the wall.

The other side of the mount. Depending on how big your mount is, there should be enough space to store everything you need. NOTE: Do NOT put too many wires back there. You need ventilation and you don’t want this to be a severe fire hazard.

Multiple electronics, just a few wires. That’s a lot better.

(via IRUDY)

Now that those ugly wires are gone, it’s time to enjoy that beautiful television of yours. The one that now appears to have a smudge on it. You’re on your own with that.

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