Some People Collect Stamps, But Others? OMG. This Is Nuts.

It’s fairly common for people to collect miscellaneous items for fun. You don’t have to be a hoarder to enjoy that kind of hobby. However, you know collecting gets a little strange when having boxes upon boxes of stamps seems normal compared to the other things people go out of their way to gather.

These collections that people spent countless hours gathering are a few steps beyond weird. It’s hard to comprehend why people would want so many of these items, but hey, to each their own?

1.) Water Guns

Is there even enough water in the world to fill all of these?

2.) Lawn Mowers

At what point does the transition between cluttered garage and lawn mower take place?

3.) Burnt Food Museum

Seems like you’d have to be having a lot of smokin’ good times to burn that much food.

4.) Back Scratchers

Gideon Weiss has 236 back scratchers and one heck of an itch.

5.) Soviet Calculators

Sergei Frolov has a collection of 150 Soviet calculators.

6.) Navel Fluff

Since 1984, Aussie Graham Barker has been collecting the lint that accumulates in his bellybutton.

7.) Fish Posters

700 is an impressive number of posters to have, even if they’re not all fish-themed.

8.) Sugar Packets

Believe it or not, there actually enough people who collect sugar to have their own name, sucrologists.

9.) Moist Towelette

People love these teeny-tiny wet wipes, some even when they haven’t just finished eating buffalo wings.

10.) Banana Stickers

Becky Martz has a collection of over 7,000 banana stickers.

11.) Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Someone must have gotten some pretty bad advice.

12.) AOL Free Internet CDs

A woman named Lydia has a collection that boasts 2,500 different free internet discs.

13.) Asphalt

Yep, asphalt. There’s even people interested in collecting asphalt samples to warrant a “world famous” asphalt museum.

14.) Toilet Seats

Barney Smith has over 700 artfully decorated toilet seats.

15.) Napkins

I hope the next time I spill I’m around one of these people.

16.) Toothpaste Tubes

I wonder if my roommate is a collector. That bathroom garbage sure is full.

17.) Nicotine Gum

Barry Chappell’s chewed nicotine gum ball is comprised of 95,200 pieces and weighs about 175 lbs.

18.) Mermaid Tails

Eric Ducharme has been collecting and wearing mermaid tails since he was 16 years old.

(via Neatorama, list25, MSN)

You really shouldn’t judge others, but those are some incredibly weird collections. Unless they all hang out together, they must get the strangest looks when they show people their stashes. Each of these odd collections could be featured in a museum (although, it would be one of the weirdest in existence).

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