Some People Are Sold On These Conspiracy Theories Across The Country. Really.

It’s hard to know if the Internet’s easily accessible information is helping to quell conspiracy theories from forming or fanning the flames. Theoretically, we should be able to learn more about the world than ever. But, the Internet also allows us to easily find like-minded people from niches of society that like to question everything we know and love.

Here are some of the weirder conspiracy theories that have been hiding in the shady back rooms of the Internet:

1.) Saddam Hussein had a Stargate: There was a film in 1994 called Stargate about a technological wormhole that allows its owners to travel to another ‘stargate’ across the universe. This conspiracy theory believes that former dictator, Saddam Hussein actually owns one of these portals and that’s the real reason for America’s involvement in Iraq. Ehm, that latrine ditch we found him wasn’t exactly a ‘stargate’. Just saying.

2.) The Egyptians invented electricity: Some believe the pyramids aren’t just tombs but giant pieces of proto-technological conductors of electricity. So, like, did King Tut’s tomb have Wi-fi?

3.) HAARP, the government’s weather machine: The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska was made to study the atmosphere, but some conspiracy theorist believe that within these walls is a machine that can control the weather like a cooky cartoon super villain would.

4.) North Dakota doesn’t exist: The conspiracy here is that North Dakota was created for the sole purpose of having 50 states on the flag, appeasing the United States’ OCD tendencies. Also apparently Area 51 is here instead of in Nevada. The only real evidence conspiracy theories pose seems to be “have you even met anyone from North Dakota?”. Hmm.. the only person I’ve met from there is… my grandmother and her entire side of the family? So yeah they’re probably right.

5.) Moon Nazis: This leaked photo from the Cassiopeia probe made conspiracy theorists drool over their spools of red yarn. The agreed upon theory is that the Nazis secretly established a space program and this structure holds the frozen head of Hitler. The moon Nazis shall one day return with their revitalized leader and attack.

6.) Lizard people leadership: This one is a classic. Basically it holds that every world leader ever, even every president that you democratically elected, is a scaly lizard humaoid from a far off planet who regard us as their slaves. Fun fact about this one: as crazy as it sounds, 12 million Americans hold this to be true!

7.) Fluoride: Some imaginative dental patients believe fluoride is actually a chemical compound made by the government to dumb down the population. I mean, any excuse to not go to the dentist is fine with me.

8.) We are actually in The Matrix: Some people believe that the world depicted in the film, The Matrix, to be real and that the only reason the machines made that movie was to make you THINK that it was just a fantasy. I mean, maybe I’m mocking this, but maybe I’m just programmed by the machines to mock it so you continue believing its not true like the stupid human battery you are.

No matter how outlandish or strange these conspiracies sound, the fact is there are people everywhere who believe them. That’s what makes this all even stranger. … whoa.

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