Self-Proclaimed Hillbilly Who Never Sang In Front Of Anyone Nails A Performance

Dennis is a self-proclaimed hillbilly from West Virginia who always enjoyed singing. However, he never actually sang in front of anyone before but a few family members, so he had no idea how an impartial audience would feel about him.

He recently asked his friend with a recording studio if he would listen to him sing and tell him if he was any good. With no idea what to expect, his friend was amazed at just how good Dennis sounded and told him he should come into the studio just for fun.

This is the result of that spontaneous studio visit, where he decided to sing Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good.”

(Source: Shedd Studios)

Man, that sounded good. It’s so good that it should be on iTunes and Spotify. Dennis is like a southern Sinatra with a twang.

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