PSST! You Probably Missed These 10 Awesome Easter Eggs In Your Favorite Movies.

In movies, Easter Eggs are hidden references within films intentionally put there by the directors and producers. They’re often slight nods to previous works from the director or subtle homages to the director’s favorite films. Sometime they’re just fun for the sake of being fun.

Here are 10 of the best Easter eggs we could find from your favorite films. Just wait until you get to #9; it’s pretty crazy.

1.) Frozen (2013).

In the movie, there is a scene where Anna and Kristoff discuss men eating their own boogers. Kristoff claims all men do this. In response to this outrageous claim, Disney featured the following disclaimer after the credits: 

The views and opinions expressed by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their own boogers are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Walt Disney Company or the filmmakers.

2.) Back To The Future (1985).

When Marty arrives in the past, his time machine crashes through a family’s barn. As a tribute to the original time traveling duo (Mr. Peabody and Sherman), the family’s last name is Peabody.

3.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

This cult classic invented the concept of movie Easter eggs. The cast decided during production to have an Easter egg hunt on the set. Some of the eggs were so well hidden that they weren’t all found before filming began. This is why you can see actual Easter eggs in some scenes. 

4.) The Polar Express (2004). 

This adaptation of the classic children’s book featured a heavy nod to Back To The Future. That film’s flux capacitor was used to explain how Santa is able to deliver so many presents in one night. 

5.) Scarface (1932). 

In this classic gangster film, director Howard Hawks created an interesting Easter egg-like motif. For every scene where someone will be killed, there is always an “X” prominently displayed somewhere. 

6.) Star Trek (2009).

Director J.J. Abrams’ reimagining of the Star Trek universe features a quick nod to another mega sci-fi franchise: Star Wars. Early on in the film, the ship and its crew enter a debris field. One of the pieces of floating debris is R2-D2 from Star Wars. 

7.) All Star Wars Films.

George Lucas’ first film was 1971’s THX 1138. Because of this, the number 1138 appears many times throughout the Star Wars franchise. 

8.) Tron (1982).

The schematics diagram on the bridge of the battleship has Pac-Man running around in it.

9.) Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981).

In one scene, the Star Wars characters of R2-D2 and C-3PO can be seen in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian tomb.  

10.) Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995).

When John McClane (Bruce Willis), is talking to the bad guy, he asks McClane what he’s been up to since the events in the last movie. McClane responds by saying “smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.” That’s the same line said by Bruce Willis’s character in Pulp Fiction right before he catches Marsellus crossing the road.

Via: List Verse

Well, I looked for an excuse to rewatch the Star Wars movies again. Looks like counting up how many times “1138” appears is as good a reason as any.

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