Here Are Some Things That Most Will Women Will Never Understand.

There are a lot of differences between the sexes. Some of them are great and, unfortunately, some of them are unfair. Regardless of the differences, there are some things men will never understand about women and there are some things women will never understand about men. We will explore the latter in this post, because sometimes it’s just awesome to be a man and we should celebrate it.

Most women will never understand these things…sorry, ladies.

1.) Why wrestling is awesome.

Sure, we all know it’s fake, but it’s less about the violence and more about the drama. Wrestling is basically like a soap opera for men, only instead of face slaps and people having surprise twins, they throw each other throw tables and off of steel cages. It’s pretty macho because almost every guy out there wishes he could settle his disputes in a weird violent manner, but since it isn’t socially acceptable, we have to live vicariously through the wrestlers on TV.

2.) How great having a beard is.

Growing a beard is a rite of passage for men. Even if we can’t grow a good one, we will at least let it grow for a while just to see what it will look like. Plus, in the winter it provides pivotal face warmth that proves to be necessary when battling the climates.

3.) Why we want to be rock stars.

Most guys want to be in a band or attempt to be in a band at some point in their life. They see their favorite rockers on stage and salivate trying to get to that level of rock stardom. Playing a guitar solo is one of the most satisfying things you can ever do. Especially if it’s one you wrote. Producing something and then playing it in front of an adoring crowd makes you feel like a god and everyone is worshipping you. Plus, you know…chicks dig rock stars.

4.) Trying to grow a mustache.

Hopefully most women don’t need to experience this, but growing a mustache is a tricky game for guys. First of all, you need to determine whether or not you can grow a mustache at all. Then, you need to find out whether or not you should. Some mustaches can look super rad, they can make you look like a cowboy or some kind of badass cop. Other mustaches can make you look like a total creep or, if you can’t grow a healthy looking one, a 13 year old boy. Experiment wisely, my friends.

5.) Tackling another person.

Let’s face it, not a lot of women play or are interested in playing football. It is a very violent sport where men basically try to kill each other and there is a ball involved. And it’s awesome. I can’t tell you enough how great it feels to tackle someone. Most guys play some form of football while in school and it’s a game where you’re ALLOWED to hit people and get out your aggression? Yea, sign me up. I’ve got a ton of built up aggression and in this sport it is perfectly acceptable to take that aggression out on you.

6.) Sports cars.

Most men won’t understand this one either, but driving in a sports car is amazing. It’s a luxury that most people can’t afford or find to be a pointless venture. But driving in a sports car is on the front of every guy’s mind at least once in his life. Something about that loud roaring engine just gets us going. Knowing you can probably out race any car on the road is just a lovely metaphor for the survival of the fittest. My stuff is faster and stronger than yours, so I’ll survive.

7.) The chest hair dilemma.

To shave or not to shave? This has been a debate for many men through the years. If you have a thick mane of chest hair you have to explore your options. Some people absolutely despise chest hair and some think it is super manly and sexy. You need to figure out whether or not you look good with chest hair or if you should shave it all off, but you need to maintain that shaving if you choose to be hairless guy. It’s a huge cross to bear.

8.) Bench pressing your own weight.

Most women that go to the gym never utilize the weight room. There are many different reasons why women never pick up the weights, from intimidation, to a lot of women just feel like they don’t need to. It’s a shame. While you’re running on the treadmill or taking a Zumba class, men are often times lifting heavy stuff. It may seem mindless and stupid, but you don’t know the satisfaction that comes with bench pressing your own weight after months and months of working up to that point. It’s one of the the biggest victories a man can accomplish. Dominating a barbell just makes you feel like a man.

9.) The crisis of going bald.

This happens to many men. A lot of guys look at it a a bad thing, while other embrace it totally. Either way, at some point in a bald man’s life he worries about it. Your hair is a large part of who you are as a person and you work hard to make it look good, and then you find out you are losing it. It’s a cataclysmic shock. You then need to decide what bald guy hairstyle you are going to utilize, the power doughnut, a comb over, or just shaving it all completely. It’s a really tough decision in a man’s life.

It’s a real shame that a lot of women won’t get to understand these things, but they’re probably glad they don’t have to experience most of them. Let’s celebrate the differences between the sexes…after all, it’s a crazy, strange world we live in.

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